Shown here are five of the six athletes of Brown’s Olympic High Dive Show who entertain crowds every day, eliciting screams from the children and anxiety from the adults. At the top is Bobby Snaglewski (26) from Montreal, Quebec, just under him is Lance Nielsen (23) from Sandy Utah, and under him, in the center is David Dent (23) also from Sandy, Utah flanked by Marie Christine Menard (21) from Quebec City, Quebec on the left, and Sophie Petitjean (21) from Montreal Canada. The manager and announcer of the show which goes on every day at the fair will be doing a special “fire dive” every evening around 6:pm where he lights himself on fire and then high dives into the pool.
The Air Force is also at the fair. They are recruiting, and appear to be targeting a younger audience with their inflatable character reminiscent of Joe Camel called “Roxy the Recruiter.” The air filled doll is also a costume, which can be entered and worn with a hidden, portable, inflation device. Less senior servicemen will go inside Roxie and take on her persona as they approach teen-agers at the fair, weather permitting. Flanking Roxie is Airman Kaufmann (20) from Patersonville, NY on the left and Senior Airman Calabrese from Albany, NY.
In this photo the two airmen demonstrate the rear entrance through which some lucky colleague will enter Roxy.
Everybody loves a swinger especially the “Wave Swinger” but you have to be over four feet and weigh less than 220 pounds to ride this one. Riders screamed in delight as they got a perfect view of the fair while being “swung” out over the crowd in their own pleasant afternoon breeze.